NaNovel 2020 – 1 Week In, 9,516 Words Behind

Pros: I have written every day except last Friday (when I got a killer migraine that necessitated going to bed whimpering and wondering if my head would ever stop hurting).

Cons: Hitting 50k has gotten… more difficult, and may not happen.

For those participating in NaNoWriMo, how are you faring? For those not participating, how’s life treating you?

2 thoughts on “NaNovel 2020 – 1 Week In, 9,516 Words Behind

  1. I feel like you shouldn’t worry about hitting the 50k mark. Writing every day is always the goal, and you’re doing that pretty well now. You can always extend beyond November and end up with an 80k manuscript instead. Sucks to hear about your headache on Friday. Hope it doesn’t happen again!


    1. You are absolutely right, Stuart. The competitive part of me wants to hit 50k, but really, the impetus for doing NaNo was to write every day. So as long as I continue in this trend, I win anyway. 🙂


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