Advanced Reader Reviews

Book publishers sometimes send me ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) or AREs (Advanced Reader Editions), enabling me in my book addiction at my request and with my full support. Thank you, book publishing community for sending me free books, of which I am always appreciative, even when the books are not always quite what I was hoping.

All books received free of charge are identified by the tag “ARC,” and while the books may be free, my opinions are honest, and keeping in mind the question: “Would I regret having paid money for this book?”

Daisy Jones & the Six

The Girls at 17 Swann Street

Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend

The Furies

Toil & Trouble

The Babysitters Coven

In the Hall with a Knife

the Plain Janes

Been There, Married That

Things You Save in a Fire

You Are Not Alone

Here for It

The Mystery of Henri Pick

Plain Bad Heroines


She’s Too Pretty to Burn

Why She Wrote

Black Buck

Tigers, Not Daughters

I also occasionally read, but do not publish a full blog post on, ARCs and other books that I read on Goodreads.