Creative Ways to be #1

For some people, being #1 is all that matters. I don’t think I’m one of those people, but I will say I get a small thrill of dopamine when I manage to achieve supreme status – even for things that don’t matter (which, come to think of it, is most things that I have gotten first place in #thingsthatdontmatter).

Like recently, I have been publishing the first story in my Love is Hell re-write on Wattpad, which has gotten negligible views and no votes (how unexpected that no one wants to rant-rewrite an anthology that’s like 15 years old with me, right? #notbeingesoteric). Yet, through the power of creative hashtags (which I mostly make because I think they’re funny and part of me secretly hopes someone else will notice them and agree, or better yet, search for the darn thing because they have created a story with the same hashtag and a small part of them desperately wants to find someone with the same ridiculous sense of humor), I am in fact the #1 (and only) story in the following categories:




This is my peacock moment. Revel in my ridiculousness with me, and please, share your unique hashtag of creative way of being #1 in the comments below.

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