Ann Arbor Rant: Let’s Talk About Math

I’m not sure who decided that Ann Arbor Public elementary schools should teach children Everyday Math, but I hate it.

Recently, I discovered the frozen-over hell that is partial sums. For those who didn’t learn math this way, partial sums ultimately boils down to performing single digit addition from left to right. Which means anytime a number not in the highest number value place exceeds 10, things have to be corrected. For example, if you take the problem 549 + 327, under partial math, your thinking strategy works something like this:

In other words, partial sums boils down to performing the problem backwards, since at the end of the day, you’re doing addition at the single digit level, which also means you have to continually correct your math if you run into a “carry-the-one” situation. It gives the child more opportunities to mess up, since they have to keep going back and correcting the numbers they had already calculated, which were calculated correctly, but actually need to be increased because of high numbers in lesser place values. How is this easier/better than the traditional carry-the-one method?

(… it’s not)

My understanding is that this practice is intended to teach children place values. But that seems like place value could easily be taught via expanded notation, while still solving from right to left so you don’t have to repeatedly “correct” your math:

… see why I hate this shit?

This baby gets it.

2 thoughts on “Ann Arbor Rant: Let’s Talk About Math

  1. “the frozen-over hell that is partial sums”. That’s so funny. A frozen hell is worse than a flaming hell. LOL. I’ve never done partial sum and left-to-right myself and so I don’t know what’s the rationale behind this. Wonderful post with cute baby pictures–he/she is really cutely annoyed.

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    1. I honestly think it just doesn’t work. My second grader was doing addition fine, and actually regressed when he started learning this method. (We had already started practicing larger problems with him.) And I guess I’m biased, but I know right-to-left works every time and doesn’t involve re-work. & @ end of day, if they get a job using math, they’re just going to use Excel or some computer equivalent anyway. So why fix something that wasn’t broken… ?

      Anyway, thank you for reading & commenting! Agreed, love a cute baby GIF. 🙂

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